Your 9-Month Relationship with “Big Mind”

Your Transformational Journey, the next step in your quest, designed for individuals and small groups.

True Transformational Leadership Begins Here

The introductory 8-week program, Creating Your Inspired Life, cleans up all the noise so that you can truly focus and move forward with clarity. Once leaders have set out on this journey, they find they’re more than open and ready for exponential change.

This program, Your Transformational Journey, is proven to not only create at least 40% more in productivity and profitability, but significantly increase the longevity and global impact of one’s organization. This is what true transformational leadership is all about!

Create 40% more in productivity and profitability.

The Transformational Journey is focused on transformational leadership in both your personal and professional life. It’s about literally upgrading your brain and creating a mindfulness that supports you in evolving into the very best version of yourself.

From a place of deeper personal awareness and clarity, you’ll enjoy an expanded level of consciousness that significantly shifts and greatly enhances how you see and experience all aspects of your life. The confident leader in you will emerge.

Grand Canyon Cave - Transformational Leadership
Rewiring the brain for transformational leadership

​​Just as you would prepare your body for a marathon, you’ll be neurologically rewiring and preparing your mind so that it can tap into, stay focused on, and be capable of more creative, higher level, agile thinking.

In this process your forebrain – the CEO of your life – takes over the directing of your mind instead of relying on the over-reactive, emotional brain. At this level “Big Mind” is invited to come out and play, instigating the kind of transformational leadership that literally changes the world.

As a calm and confident leader, big things begin to happen in your world.

Your life purpose and highest intention begins to unfold
What once threw you off track becomes what guides you into accessing all that you need to stay on track and fulfill our dreams
Instead of being swallowed up by the day-after-day tasks of “doingness,” your giant goals and dreams are finally front and center and being acted upon.
You’re operating from an unworldly level of gratitude and trust
Instead of chasing after the next best solution, you learn to anticipate new solutions appearing
You find yourself more agile and able to respond to the increased pace and complexity of life in surprisingly inspired ways

You really can be the next Michelangelo or Einstein

We all know that there are beings in this world who seem “otherworldly.” Their impact in the arts, sciences, culture and business are extraordinary. While we think of them as rare geniuses, they all know the truth: They simply tapped into the genius mind that’s available to all of us.

As we learn about these artists and thinkers, we see how – exactly – they tapped into higher-level abilities to fulfill their life purpose. And, in doing so, they changed the world.

This 9-month program, Your Transformational Journey, offers weekly guided direction to help you recognize, tap into, and create from your genius mind.

As Ron has found with many of his clients, this program helps leaders (at every level) impact and enhance the world.

Welcome to the leading edge.

Schedule a Personal Breakthrough

Let’s talk about it first. I’d like to schedule a one-on-one ZOOM call with you (no charge, of course), to learn more about where you are and how I can most help you.

The typical journey begins with Creating Your Inspired Life and finishes with Your Transformational Journey.

Group Sessions

Coming Soon

9-Month Online Program

Group Zoom Session – Wednesdays at 1pm PT every other week

Clients have the option to email or text Dr. Ron Stotts in between zoom sessions should you require

The 9-month investment is just $7,500 U.S.

One-on-One Mentoring with Ron Stotts


Virtual Sessions

Private Zoom Mentoring
$15,000 Course Option
9-Month Online Program

Private Zoom Session are scheduled every other week on Wednesdays for the entirety of the 9 months.
These calls have time options of 10am, 11am, 4pm, or 5pm PT.

Client has the option to email or text Dr. Ron Stotts in between Zoom sessions should you require. 


In-Person Sessions

Private In-Person Mentoring
$40,000 Course Option
  • Live sessions are custom scheduled with one being around week 6 (a month and a half in) and the second is approximately half way through the program (week 18) and the third and last two-day live session is scheduled in the last month, preferably four weeks before the end of the course
  • The sessions are held at the Stotts residence or power location from 9am – 4:30pm
  • Beyond the in-person meetings, Zoom calls will be scheduled every other week

When you register for this private in-person course, Dr. Ron Stotts will be in touch with you to work out travel and session dates. Your travel to and from the Stotts residence or power location as well as hotel / VRBO accommodations is additional to this package for your scheduling.

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