The Value of the Creating Your Inspired Life Journey

If you’ve ever felt like maybe you’re “not enough,” “an imposter,” or “not living up to your full potential,” then it’s time to learn how to access more from within yourself.

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What level do you want to play on? The Value of Creating Your Inspired Life

If you feel like you’re struggling or just wanting more from your life, then the deeper inner journey of Creating Your Inspired Life is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Your struggles and desires are really nothing more than indicators that you’re evolving, and this program is specifically designed to support and guide you in your transformation.

While it may seem easier to just stay in your current comfort zone, your fears and desires are telling you that it’s just not that comfortable anymore. It’s time to change and grow. It’s time to let go of what’s consciously or subconsciously holding you back and to step into that higher version of yourself that you’ve sensed you’re capable of being.

An Inspired Life comes from Accessing More from Within

If you want to do more or be more, then you need to access more from within yourself.

When a lobster feels a particular niggle or a discomfort, it knows it’s time to go into their den and shed its shell. While this is an incredibly vulnerable time for them, they know that if they don’t let go and grow a new larger shell — they’ll die. The same is true for us. Life is either about staying stuck and struggling or about letting go and growing.

The journey begins with you exploring and getting to know yourself on levels you’ve most likely never explored before. You become aware of how much of your energy is being unconsciously applied to the brake (what’s limiting) of your life and how much is on the gas pedal (what’s moving you forward). Resolving that struggle results in more ease in all aspects of your life.

While it might seem scary at first, as you discover more about your past and how it’s still playing out in and, often times, limiting your life, it becomes an adventure of healing and growth. You learn to recognize and breathe into the stumbling blocks of your life, turning them into stepping stones along your path.

Whole-Brain Thinking - The Value of Creating Your Inspired Life

A Quiet Mind leads to Whole-Brain Thinking

You begin to feel more physically and mentally relaxed and connected with yourself. Your mind becomes quieter and more focused as you’re literally neurologically rewiring your brain for integrated whole-brain thinking. That integration results in you having greater access to your imagination, creativity, and intuition.

As you continue your adventure your mind becomes quieter, which stimulates the development of the forebrain — the intended conscious CEO of your life. As the forebrain takes over from the more emotionally oriented amygdala, you experience less drama and develop a clearer vision of your highest intention and greater purpose in life.

The process of healing your past empowers your future.

Rather than looking outside of yourself for needs, wants, and love, you’ve learned and trust to look within. You’re feeling more self-confident and capable of living into your full potential. You’re becoming more intellectually and emotionally intelligent and living a more present and mindful life.

From this stronger foundation, you begin to build your new life where your deeper and more connected relationship with yourself is mirrored in your relationships with others. In business this journey translates into at least a 40% increase in productivity and profits; at home it translates into enjoying more deeply connected, loving relationships in which everyone thrives.

Bridge to your future - The Value of Creating Your Inspired Life

While these results from the first two-month program are life-changing and are often times the biggest transformation a person goes through in their life, it is in the nine-month Your Transformational Journey where all these personal upgrades and enhancements are integrated into your leadership abilities. In this next-level program, your personal and professional development become interwoven so you can create a quantum positive impact in the world.

The question I invite you to consider is,

What level do you want to play on?

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