Without Mindfulness, an Inspired Plan is a Forgotten Dream

Ins and Outs of Mindfulness: Dr. Ron Stotts

Ins and Outs of Mindfulness

A 12-Month Journey of Your Adventure
Your degree of mindfulness will determine your success in any area of your life, and learning to supportively breathe is the foundation for living more mindfully.
Mindfulness is a practical path to living a happy, successful, and conscious life. It takes you beyond just chasing the symptoms of a problem to the actual source and solution. As you develop mindfulness, you become the CEO of your life.
A compilation of practical bite-size practices to help you successfully apply mindful focus in your everyday life, this is a 12-month guide and journal of your adventure that helps you…
  • Rewire and enhance your brain’s neurological pathways.
  • Become quieter and more focused while you become even smarter!
  • Discover your highest intention for your life.
  • Design your life to support your highest intention.
  • Create the successful, fulfilled and enjoyable life that you deserve.
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