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The more I trusted the quality of what I downloaded through Big Mind, the more I used it.

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Younger Dr. Ron Stotts Meditating

When I first became a psychologist I’d find myself thinking about what the client was saying and trying figure out what I should say or do next. It was as if I had a job to rescue them and was trying to do my best to help them with their challenges. What generally happened is they’d deny my insights and resist suggestions I made.

Having come from a meditation background, I decided to try just sitting there quietly and listening to whatever they wanted to share. The problem was that they wanted to go on and on about their story and not ever look deeply enough to actually do anything about what was bothering them. I know a lot of therapists love this style, as it keeps clients coming back year after year. While it creates a good income, it felt completely out of integrity for me.

One thing that I’d noticed as I sat there quietly was that various feelings, images, and ideas would just show up in my brain. So, I started to explore being guided by those insights and ideas and found that things went quite well. I learned to trust and use questions to support clients looking deeper into their challenges. I found I could also suggest relevant lead in sentences and have them complete them with whatever came up for them. This took them deeper still, and they were coming up with their own insights.

The more I trusted just being present and whatever guidance came to me, the more I was able to support my clients in permanently resolving what had often been some long-term issues. What I was doing was learning to access and trust what I now call Big Mind

Monk Meditation on Mountain Top

The more I trusted the quality of what I downloaded through Big Mind, the more I used it, and the same will be true for you. Some Big Mind downloads are ideas, some images or solutions, some are more about feelings. Regardless of whether you’re a visual person or get information in some other form, if you stay curious and patient, you’ll learn to also tap into this innate ability.

When I moved to Los Angeles I caught a snatch of a conversation that two guys were having at a friend’s party about creating an exercise for some program they were putting together. On the way out, I gave them a quick Big Mind suggestion about what they could do. They loved it and ended up hiring me as Executive VP of The Inner Game Corporation.

One of the guys turned out to be a famous author named Tim Gallwey. His company created programs for developing personal and professional excellence. Tim recognized my ability to access Big Mind and regularly asked me questions that inadvertently trained me to quickly open up to Big Mind downloads.

This might sound a little weird, but I’ve won quite a few national and some international awards for Japanese gardens that I’ve designed and built using Big Mind.

Dr. Ron Stotts - Hiking

My point is that Big Mind can be used throughout your life. If you are an entrepreneur or a CEO, this level of thinking and creativity not only helps you to stay up with the leading edge, it absolutely leads you to creating it.

The first step you need in order to access your Big Mind thinking is in my 8-week program, Creating Your Inspired Life, and the final step can by found in my Your Transformational Journey program.

It’s not uncommon for people to feel like an entirely different person because they’ve shifted levels of consciousness… which means they’re experiencing life in an entirely differently way.

If you are a conscious entrepreneur leader who feels destined to play on higher level, then welcome to Creating Your Inspired Life.

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