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Have you ever found yourself wandering through life with a feeling that you are meant to do more?

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Have you ever found yourself wandering through life with a feeling that you are meant to do more? That you are capable of so much more?

In the last fifty years we’ve redefined what we are capable of, who we can become, and the life we can choose to create. We used to believe we were born with x-number of brain cells and, as we got older, they’d be slowly dying off. We were also told that our DNA determined our physical and mental makeup. Basically we thought, how we came out of the oven decided how the cookie would crumble.

During the past few decades we’ve learned that by healing our past we can create an entirely new and empowered future – one that’s beyond anything we’ve ever imagined. We’ve learned that it’s what we focus on and think about that determines the abilities of our mind. We also know that how we live directly affects us on a cellular level and determines the expression of our genes. So, while perhaps 50% of your intelligence may be inherited, the other 50% is determined by how you live your life. 

In addition to being able to determine how healthy and intelligent you are, you can also control your level of awareness or consciousness. Your level of consciousness, of course, directly determines how you see and experience the world. Simply put, if you want more out of life, or even to create an entirely different life, it’s completely up to you.

Master Lesson

In my late twenties I was studying Tai Chi. My instructor was a little Chinese guy who was in his early eighties. As class started one day he asked me to join him up in front of the group. As I approached he said, “Okay Ron, I want you to attack me full on.” I froze with the thought, “This is a very bad idea.” I’m an ex-Marine and a martial artist who outweighs him by at least 100 pounds. Looking at me with a bit of a smile and a twinkle in his eye, he lifted his chin and said again, “Full on!” Moving in fast, throwing a punch to the head, all I connected with was thin air. The faster I was moving the more ridiculous it became. Not only couldn’t I hit him, I couldn’t even touch him. No matter what I did it was like chasing after a fluid ghost. 

The class was howling with laughter as I realized how completely out matched I was. As we all stopped laughing, Master Nee explained how, from his perception, I was moving in slow motion. Over time he shared with us how to become more aware of everything around us and even use our breathing to slow time. They were lessons that further opened my mind to the amazing capabilities we all have.

There may have been many times in your life that you felt you had failed, not done something good enough, or even that you weren’t enough, but, no matter what your age or present condition, your potential is unlimited. 

Life isn’t a series of finite games that you’ve either won or lost. It is an infinite game in which you can continue to grow and develop, learning from every step on your journey. 

The Three Keys

There are three keys to winning at the infinite game of your life. The first key is to discover your highest intention and your greatest purpose. Knowing your highest intention gives you a clear direction or compass heading in life. It allows you to be absolutely certain how to handle everything that comes into your life. If it supports your highest intention, then you embrace and integrate it into your life. If it doesn’t support your highest intention, you ignore it or let it go. 

Over time everything, all aspects of your life, are in alignment and moving towards that highest intention. 

Your greatest purpose is, of course, what you do in life that supports you in moving towards your intention. With integrated whole brain thinking, your right brain sees the big picture and your left brain sees the optimum path towards that highest intention. In this more integrated and nurturing environment, your forebrain (the CEO of your life) easily keeps you on track.

The second key is appreciating how fully your level of consciousness determines your perspective and experience of life. The great thing is that, as we heal our past and develop whole brain thinking we become more present and mindfully aware of our thoughts, feelings, and level of consciousness. In this state of mindfulness, we see when and how we can raise our level of consciousness. 

When we notice ourselves going off track, we breathe, and from a place of curiosity, look at what we’re feelings and thinking. As we continue to breathe, we become aware of what our best next step is. We’re focused on learning and moving forward from a place of open curiosity and gratitude for all we’re learning. 

The third key is knowing what level you want to play on. The higher the level of your game the more integrated all aspects of your life will become. The higher level you want to play on, the more conscious you’ll want to be. Your work, family, spiritual path, health, and all other areas of your life become interconnected and integrated. All are in complete, supportive alignment with your highest intention. 

Let yourself fully recognize that you can heal and move beyond all that has ever held you back. Knowing the life you create is up to you, leads to asking, “Who do you want to be? How do you want to live? What do you want your life to look?”

As you face, heal, and are empowered by your past you become more whole and present. You recognize your highest intention, and become more aware of what you’re thinking and feeling and what level of consciousness you’re playing on.  

From that place, the only real question is, “Are you ready to live an amazing life that’s beyond anything you’ve ever imagined?”

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