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What are clients saying about working with Dr. Ron Stotts and finding their most motivational life.
Ron’s zone of genius is getting you to see $10M to $100M opportunities.

Ron Stotts is someone you’re going to LOVE… his specialty is helping uber successful leaders get to the next level by accessing what he calls “Big Mind.”

People are always asking me who they should hire, but most coaches out there aren’t a good fit for those of us at the master’s level. Until Ron, I haven’t had a great option. While most business coaches are good at getting you from $250k to $1M, Ron’s zone of genius is getting you to see $10M to $100M opportunities. He’s worked with Buckminster Fuller and a lot of the old guard from the 70s, and I – hands down – recommend him for higher level contacts (seven figure and up) who are bumping up against upper limits. He’s super humble, so make him brag a little; his history is fascinating, and he is one of the smartest, kindest people I’ve ever met.

Angela Lauria
Angela Lauria
Angela is the CEO of the Author Incubator, four times best-selling author, and works closely with Marianne Williamson.
I’m more grounded and focused than I’ve ever felt in my life.

Ron’s approach is a beautiful marrying of his extensive scientific knowledge (specifically about how the brains works) and decades of deep spiritual learnings, growth, and practice. He guides with an unwavering confidence that he can take you where you need to go (even at times when I was totally questioning my own ability to get there).

These ingredients were essential to create the level of trust I needed – in Ron, his method, and myself – to really open up and handle the tough stuff I needed to process in order to grow into who I am now.

I’m more grounded and focused than I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m able to show up as a mother for my kids and as a leader in my business in ways that make me feel empowered and excited!

I am so grateful to have found Ron as a guide.

Irene Pace
Irene Pace
Irene is a two-time best-selling author, internationally known coach, and speaker.
It is not an overstatement to say that I am a different person now.

I launched myself into a profound professional re-alignment and transformation, after 35 years of doing business in a particular way. This direction made sense from a strategic, personal, and often macroeconomic standpoint. But what I didn’t anticipate is that professional transformation goes hand in hand with personal transformation at a deep level.

Ron was recommended to me by a friend, and he was very effective in helping me move to a whole different place in my thinking, awareness, and understanding. It is not an overstatement to say that I am a different person, and certainly more capable, confident, and effective than where I was when I first met Ron Stotts. Ron is an experienced professional of the highest caliber. I recommend Ron’s services in CEO Coaching and in tailored personal therapy to anyone who wants to move their life to the next level.

Mark Hall
Mark Hall
Mark is an entrepreneur with multiple business interests that have a national footprint across North America and into Western Europe.
I continuously experience the effects of my work with Ron.

Before I met Ron, I had engaged in a lifetime of self-growth, wellness, and business training, coaching, practices and certifications. However, something was missing. I needed help for that last 10% of my personal, professional, and spiritual growth. And I didn’t even know what it was I was seeking.

After working with Ron, I understood exactly what was holding me back, and, with Ron’s guidance, I was able to dive deeper into and clear those blocks. Now, a year later, I continuously experience the effects of my work with Ron. The old programming and limiting beliefs I continue to unwind — as long as I stay focused on my goals – which is easy to do with the tools Ron shared with me. I am grateful I made this investment at this point in my life so that I, and those I serve, will benefit from the results over my lifetime and beyond.

Ritu Goswamy
Ritu Goswamy, Esq.
Ritu is a Lawyer, best-selling author, and productivity consultant.
This is the self-healing work required to lead intelligently, effectively, and constructively.

Ron Stotts gets to the heart of the leadership journey… As we gain power, authority, and fame we must become more diligent, aware and responsible through intentional work on transmuting our unconscious, negative patterns. Stotts shows how those who neglect this foundational work, “not only destroyed their own life but the lives of others who had trusted them.” Ron offers a compelling appeal to successful leaders, and to those who desire success, to do the self-healing work required to lead intelligently, effectively, and constructively. And, best of all, Stotts provides wise practical guidance to guide you in this quest.

Michael Gelb
Michael J. Gelb
Michael is the author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci and The Art of Connection: 7 Relationship Building Skills Every Leader Needs Now.
Ron helped me access parts of me that I had never been able to access before.

Before working with Ron I was struggling and frustrated with both my personal and professional life. While I was enjoying a high level of financial success, I felt like there was something much more important, much deeper missing from my life.

Ron helped me recognize that the challenges and feelings of disconnection I was having with my family and work relationships were the direct result of my unresolved childhood experiences. He guided me through what felt like some very scary and dark places, where I was able to acknowledge and heal my past.

I had done years of personal development and talk therapy, but Ron helped me access parts of me that I had never been able to access before. I went from feeling like I was shutting down, having difficulties breathing, and living with a heaviness in my chest to waking up, breathing fully, and, for the first time, truly accepting and loving myself. It was a more personally and professionally transformative experience than I could have ever imagined possible.

While my inner healing and shifts were mirrored in my family life, the unexpected opportunities and success that I’ve had professionally clearly reflect how deeply the transformation has gone. I am truly grateful for Ron and his wonderful work.

Jen Coffel
Jen Coffel
Jen is a best-Selling author, entrepreneur, business and speaking coach to thousands of women, founder of the non-profit Handling H.O.P.E., and a mother of four.
I discovered I could access those places in me that were protected better than Fort Knox.

After years of growth with “good results” there was still something holding me back — a piece that I couldn’t quite seem to get to. It was an easy choice to start working with Ron. His competence and good heart offered a safe place to go deep.

With Ron, I discovered I could access those places in me that were protected better than Fort Knox and experience a freedom I’d never known. My path is now clear, and nothing is holding me back. I have such heartfelt appreciation for Ron; he is truly amazing.

Tamara Gerlach
Tamara Gerlach
Tamara is an author, owner of Encore Gymnastics, Genius Juicery, dōTERRA Essential Oils, and creator/founder at AromaDance.
Ron is a wonderfully insightful coach.

I view getting to know Ron Stotts as a huge gift in my life. His whole brain thinking and relentless pursuit of living his highest purpose makes him a wonderfully insightful coach that I recommend without reservation.

Grand Master Dave Wheaton
Dave is the President and Founder of Hapkido International, he holds a 9th dan black belt in Hapkido, a 8th dan in Taekwondo, and in 2001 was awarded the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award by the World Karate Union Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
Ron taught me how to heal old wounds through breath.

At 64 years old, I found myself having an existential crisis. A close friend introduced me to Dr. Ron Stotts, who, with a steady, non-judgmental hand, showed me how to get in touch with very old hurts and heal them through breath. He led me through a morass of tangled emotions, which affected all my thinking and actions without my knowing, towards an open heart. In this process, he generously shared wisdom and insights and the critical role of breath.

We all know that breath is necessary for life, of course, but Dr. Stotts has taught me that attention to breath is what gives one the ability to live a fulfilling, compassionate life. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for this gift, which has been delighting me with deep insights and given me the ability to lovingly laugh at myself.”

Mark Barabasz
Mark Barabasz
Mark is an upper-level tech executive.
Ron is one who knows. He’s been there. You can trust him absolutely.

I wanted to advance my leadership abilities, but didn’t have a good grasp of what I needed to do to change. I knew intuitively my most important limitations were internal and that simply more business advice or coaching wasn’t going to help me level up. I had to do work on a more fundamental level, and this is just what Ron provides in his 8-week Creating Your Inspired Life program.

Ron teaches that the path to reaching higher levels of leadership is through personal transformation. This work was initially scary but became incredibly liberating. Ron is one who knows. He’s been there. You can trust him absolutely. He’s experienced so much and has the personal resources to handle almost any conceivable situation. I can’t imagine a more trustworthy or supportive guide for this difficult work of breaking through all your personal limitations. I’m so thankful for this experience and for the guidance that Ron has given me.

Greg Weinger

Are you looking for a motivational life?

Having a motivational life generally refers to living a life that is fueled by motivation and inspiration.

It implies that individuals actively seek and embrace sources of motivation to drive their actions, decisions, and overall mindset. A motivational life involves setting goals, staying focused on personal and professional aspirations, and overcoming challenges with a positive and determined attitude.

People leading motivational lives often cultivate habits that contribute to their well-being and success. This may include maintaining a positive mindset, staying resilient in the face of setbacks, continuously learning, and growing, conscious breathing, and surrounding themselves with supportive influences. Motivational living is about finding purpose, passion, and drive in various aspects of life, whether it’s in career pursuits, personal relationships, health and wellness, or personal development.

Ultimately, living a motivational life is a conscious choice to approach challenges with optimism, pursue goals with determination, and continuously seek inspiration to maintain a fulfilling and purpose-driven existence.

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