A Journey of Magnificent Discovery

For the first time in several years, Dr. Ron Stotts is offering his Creating Your Inspired Life program to individuals and small groups.

When Your “Inspired Life” Doesn’t Feel Very Inspired Anymore.

To the rest of the world out there, you look like a solid business success story. In fact, you might even look like the person who has ALL the keys to the kingdom.

At one point, you might have been the epitome of someone living an inspired life, someone really on track. In that time, you’ve achieved gratifying levels of personal and business success, yet something feels …off.

Challenges have started to show up. Your productivity may feel slogged. Your once-gleaming money engine feels mired, maybe even wobbly. Relationships at work or home feel tedious and strained. What used to be ease and growth in profitability may seem more difficult, tenuous or tottering.

You feel restless and annoyed. You might feel bored out of your mind.

Inspired life? Not even close anymore.

Instead of the triumphant visionary you love to be, you feel this dissatisfaction...

ticking, ticking, ticking...

in your solar plexus.

You want more. Not necessarily more in a new money grab kind of way. You just want … better. You’ve been doing everything you can think to do to create the life you think you want, but something is still holding you back.
The fact is, you’ve already tapped into the solution that will eradicate the dissatisfactions and impediments from your life.

It’s already there, inside you.

But what you haven’t realized yet is that the entire mountain is made of gold.

And it’s your mountain.

For decades, I’ve helped entrepreneurs and leaders step back, look up and discover the gleaming gold of themselves and discover what they’re truly capable of.
Meet Dr. Ron Stotts
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Are you ready to Create Your Inspired Life?

It’s time to…
Upgrade your innate capabilities
Leave all those limitations in the dust
Recognize your highest intention
Access insights & brilliance whenever you wish
Discover your joy and uncover the power that comes only from YOU

A Journey of Magnificent Discovery

For the first time in several years, I’m offering my Creating Your Inspired Life program to individuals and small groups.

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Through weekly live sessions and expanded video lessons, you’re going to become your own Michelangelo.

Together, we will gently chip away at all the aspects that don’t support your highest intention, revealing the very best of yourself that lies within.

In Just 2 Months …

Shift your life from feelings of fear, scarcity and frustration to one of enjoying
open-hearted abundance, the highest intention and on-purpose growth in every aspect of your life.


Now Enrolling!


The 8-week investment is just $497 U.S.
An 8-week online program


All recorded sessions in the membership platform for 24/7 access

Short emails with Ron Stotts as needed

One-on-One Mentoring with Ron Stotts

Sometimes, depending on your schedule or requirements in your daily life, it’s better to have flexibility and/or privacy as you create your inspired life. Here, you can enjoy one-on-one focus and mentoring from Ron Stotts. In choosing the private course rather than the group course, you have two options:

Virtual Sessions

Private Zoom Mentoring
$5,000 Course Option

An 8-week online program with once a week Zoom calls between you and Ron Stotts for the entirety of the 8 weeks.

These private Zoom calls are on Thursdays with the time options of 10am, 11am, 4pm, or 5pm PT.

You have access to additional short calls and emails as needed.


In-Person Sessions

Private In-Person Mentoring
$10,000 Course Option
  • 6 private Zoom calls: two before the first 2-day session, two after the first 2-day session, and then two after the second 2-day session
  • Two 2-day (consecutive) private, in-person sessions at the Stotts residence
  • There are ongoing assignments and connection with Ron Stotts throughout the 8-week program

When you register for this Private session, Ron and his team will be in touch with you to work out travel and session dates. Your travel to and from the Stotts residence as well as hotel on both evenings (4 hotel nights total) is additional to this package for your scheduling.

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A Motivational Life


What Would a Newly Inspired Life Look Like To You?
Let’s talk about it first. I’d like to schedule a one-on-one ZOOM call with you (no charge, of course), to learn more about where you are and how I can most help you during this 8-week course.

P.S. I often hear someone share that they feel like they’re not enough, and, in a way they’re right. But the truth is that it’s not that they’re not enough, it’s just that they aren’t accessing enough of who and what they truly are.

Your life’s masterpiece is waiting. I look forward to working with you.

The way is lit to your InspiredLife
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