About Transformational Guide, Dr. Ron Stotts

With a transformational guide, you can bring a whole new level of balance, inspiration, and creativity into your life and your work.

With a transformational guide, you can find a place of deeper personal awareness and clarity.

Here you’ll enjoy an expanded level of consciousness that significantly shifts and greatly enhances how you see and experience all aspects of your life.
Are you ready to accomplish your most important personal and professional goals?
Want to discover the truth about what it is that you keep bumping up against?
Is it time to create a mindset that supports you in evolving into the very best version of yourself?

About Dr. Ron Stotts, Your Transformational Guide

Ron spent the last five decades exploring the deepest caves and soaring heights of both personal and spiritual journeys. He is intimate with all aspects of the territory. As a transformational guide, he has supported thousands of others on their journey as they’ve moved through their most difficult challenges and developed their greatest potential.

Life Coach Ron Stotts with Wife Carol Stotts

The Big Why

Life-Changing Experiences

I’ve experienced life changing leadership and coaching, and I’ve experienced leadership that has taken and ruined lives. I had a great college rowing coach who guided me into becoming a U.S. rowing champion. I then experienced terrible leadership both in the government and in the military that resulted in the death of 60 of the men in my Marine Corps platoon in Vietnam.
In my mid to late twenties, I had a spiritual teacher who, in the beginning seemed to be a heart filled guy that was incredibly spiritual and able to guide myself and others into the most evolved experiences available. As he rose in power, he became very dark and I watched all his unresolved childhood issues around power, women, sex, and more play itself out and result in some people dying, several being institutionalized, some being so demoralized that they did little with their lives. Three of us, out of a couple thousand, learned, grew, and thrived to rise from the refuse of his teachings and damaging leadership.

Corporate Leadership

I became the Executive V.P. of a corporation that was all about the Inner Game. I was coordinating the transition of AT&T from a monopoly to a for-profit company and saw how top-down leadership had created a fear-based culture that supported thousands of employees in playing small and limiting their lives. I also saw that the president of Inner Game and author of several very successful books on the topic was the least inner game guy I knew. I left, frustrated, and disillusioned as to the capabilities of leadership.
I created an international personal growth community with the best of intentions, focused on personal and spiritual development. I watched, as I became more well-known and had more power, all the temptations arising that I’d seen in other teachers. After seven years of a great adventure, I let go of the organization because I didn’t want to play out the negative tendencies that I saw arising in me. I have since worked with and resolved those over time so that others didn’t have to be at the effect of my issues.

The Growth of a Transformational Guide

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work as a transformational guide with thousands of regular folks whose lives have been greatly improved through taking my leadership training programs.

I’ve also had many clients who were very successful business people earning well into the millions and billions of dollars. What I watched with these wealthy leaders is that after being able to resolve their initial personal or professional problems and continued to heal and become more conscious, they became very interested in supporting the development of others in their organizations. Over time many of them completely shifted the style of their leadership and restructured their businesses from a top-down, my way, or the highway leadership to a more collaborative and cooperative organization where everyone was supported in becoming their best.

I saw how the supporting of one person in evolving and becoming a more conscious person could result in thousands of people enjoying a more conscious, fulfilling, and enjoyable life.

I enjoyed that level of contribution and the positive impact it had on the world.

When the Questions Call

One day while I was shaping and grooming a Japanese maple, I heard myself having an imaginary talk with my two grandsons. They wanted to know why I was leaving them a world that was in worse shape than how I found it.
While I initially had several seemingly reasonable arguments, their looks let me know that I was full of poop. In that moment I realized that it was up to me to do something. At first, I thought in terms of just contributing to the cause of saving the world. As I saw that there was really no one doing the job, my resolve evolved into becoming the leader who could support the shift in consciousness of the world that I saw was clearly the key to what needed to be done.
To make the shift it became clear that many leaders would be needed and so all I’d have to do is support and guide a thousand leaders into the highest levels of leadership and we’d create somewhat of a hundredth monkey effect where others would also begin to shift to a more conscious leadership style where concern for society and the planet as a whole are taken into consideration.

Life-Long Learning, Striving, and Finding Oneself

Several years ago, I began researching all the higher-level leadership research that I could find. It all said the same thing that as one heals their past and evolves their level of consciousness, they become more conscious of and involved in creating learning or developmental organizations where both productivity and profits would rise by at least 40% and they would be focused on not only supporting others in their organization, but society and the planet as a whole.
The curious thing that my publisher pointed out is that in all the research there is clear agreement that, while there are several leadership development programs to take people into middle level leadership and into the two lower levels of upper-level leadership, they don’t know how to take leaders into the highest and most societally influential levels. They clearly recognize the characteristics and what it takes to rise into the higher levels, but they don’t know how to facilitate and support those shifts. The core experiences that support the evolution into the highest levels of leadership are significant personal transformational experiences and regular life (mindfulness) practices.
What my work as a spiritual guide, transformational guide, and executive coach offer is exactly that: significant personal transformational experiences from the initial work of healing the past to the more advanced work for evolving the brain into forebrain development and easily accessing Big Mind abilities. What I seem to have, due to my rather unique and eclectic background, is the ability to guide others into those higher and highest levels of leadership where leaders can consciously change and perhaps still save the world. And this is exactly what our grandchildren and their great grandchildren want and need the most.

The Challenges of Today

I look at climate change, our current leadership crisis, and the failure of our many societal systems (educational, prison, governmental, health, etc.), and see that we need to do something now.
We have a full and unlimited range of consciousness available to us, do we just want to stay lost in the feelings of disconnection, scarcity, and fear of the lowest levels? Or are we interested in exploring and evolving into the higher levels where we can appreciate the abundance, love, and beauty available to each and all of us.
There is so much more to discover and express within each of us. It’s time to quit looking outside of ourselves for all the answers that can only be found within.

Go in, find out…

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