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If you are wanting to find out who I am, then I presume that you are actually trying to find out more about who you are. This means you feel or know that there is more: more to you, more to life, and more than what others seem satisfied with.

My lifetime of transformative experiences has uniquely prepared me to guide others into the highest levels of personal development and leadership.

With 45 years of experience, having worked with thousands of people from a variety of professions, I recognize that I have both a passion and a responsibility to help develop the more conscious 21st century leaders we so desperately need.

I have garnered the unique skills and awareness that are required for this niche from my diverse education and the depth of my own personal and professional transformational experiences. I have found that addressing and integrating the whole person and all aspects of their life is key to personal mastery as well as high-level leadership. I incorporate body, mind, and spirit, pulling from my experience as a chiropractor, Ph.D. Psychologist, and Spiritual Teacher. One truth I’ve recognized is that to go higher, we must go deeper.

My mission is to train 1,000+ leaders into these higher levels so that they can help transform and also better serve their teams, customers, and organizations. The current broken system is mirroring the dysfunction in us, both individually and collectively.

I intend to shift the successful business model to one of creative growth and collaboration rather than fear-based competition and scarcity.

There’s a direct and compelling correlation between higher-level leadership, enhanced productivity, and increased profits. A Forbes study documents that poor leaders lose money and extraordinary leaders double profits.

This level of leadership is also indicative of a level of consciousness that lends itself to success in any area of personal or professional life. Evolutionary leadership is critical for the sustainable success of our organizations and for the world.

In my work as a guide, I help people shift from an outside-in reactive approach to life, to an inside-out creative and purpose-directed life.

If you’d like to learn more, let’s have a chat. Please use my contact form to reach out to me.

Enjoy the Journey…