If you are wanting to find out who I am, then I presume that you are actually trying to find out about who you are. That means you feel or know that there is more: more to you, more to life, and more than what others seem satisfied with.

My own questioning began when I was around twelve when I started exploring different religions. While I learned and still appreciate how each of them served their communities, I found that I wanted to look deeper still into the meaning of life, the meaning of me. Nature had always and continues to be a great teacher. The lessons unfold before you wherever you look. My oldest son recently completed hiking all of the trails of the Olympic forest, and I know that was more an inner journey than an outer accomplishment.

My next step was to look into what our academic worlds had to offer. I studied the literature of the 20th century world and learned from the many perspectives and varied stories of life what others valued and how they chose to live. My master’s degree opened me to exploring how we learn and how we can use our imaginations and creativity to better our lives.

My successes only led me to exploring how our brain and mind work. I began learning how to tap into that greater potential that is clearly available. While traditional Universities felt my studies in meditation, brain integration, and related topics were too far out for them, alternative schools welcomed my curiosity. While I earned a Ph.D. from Columbia Pacific University, it was really the amazing opportunities that I had to study, co-create, and teach with the leading minds in the personal development field that gave me a window into our true potential.

The deeper awareness that I had been searching for came with my early studies in Hinduism and my life-long studies in Buddhism, neurology, and quantum physics. And though I did pick up a Doctor of Chiropractic degree along that path, it was the spiritual guidance into the wonders of my own mind that opened the doorways of consciousness. Through decades of journeying into the silence, going beyond thought, and into greater awareness came true understanding and wisdom.

In my work as a guide, ”I take you into the places where you can discover and recover your whole self. Our work together is about you learning how to ask the right questions, looking within for the answers you seek, and accessing the magnificent potential of your mind, body, and spirit. This gives you a solid foundation for consciously living a highly successful, enjoyable life. When you are ready for more (or less ☺), let’s have a chat. Use my Contact Form to reach out to me.

Enjoy the Journey…