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Learn to shift from viewing challenges as setbacks to recognizing them as opportunities for healing and personal evolution.
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Transformational Leadership Book by Drs. Ron and Carol Stotts

Most leaders doubt their ability.

In a recent IBM global study of 1500 of the world’s top CEOs, most admitted that they doubted their ability to handle the ever-increasing pace and complexity of today’s world. Yet a handful were thriving and turning this increasing complexity into financial advantage.

Some find "the zone."

These rare, conscious leaders are “in the zone.” They aren’t being distracted or limited by a noisy mind filled with fears, regrets of the past, or worry for the future.
Single Tree at Sunset - Conscious Leader

These leaders found a way to shift and become conscious leaders.

Consciousness, at its simplest, is awareness of internal and external existence. The more aware you are of the depths of yourself and the world around you the more conscious you are.
The fact is this: You can’t create a nine or 10-figure business with a five or six-figure level of consciousness. You have to evolve and grow as a conscious leader – both inwardly and outwardly – to see the bigger picture. This is where you find your way into “the zone” where you tap into your true creative genius.
This is where I come in.
I work with leaders who aren't just satisfied with being on the leading edge… they're creating it.

This is conscious leadership.

The Zone = Big Mind = Conscious Leadership

In today’s rapidly changing world, an entrepreneur or corporate leader doesn’t have a chance of staying on the leading edge – let alone creating it– without whole brain integrative thinking and full access to what I call “Big Mind” abilities.

I guide leading edge entrepreneurs, conscious leaders, and entire organizations to see, find, and maximize "Big Mind."
I guide you in how to access the best of who and what you are. How to discover and trust a level of insight and inner wisdom that is already innately yours. And I show you how to decrease your stress and struggle while vastly increasing fulfillment in every aspect of your life.
Accessing "Big Mind" consciousness is something you can call up in the middle of a business discussion, even a heated board meeting.

This rare form of conscious leadership allows you to easily explore possibilities of those new, creative projects that literally soar above the minds of others.

It delivers uncanny solutions on a silver platter, solutions that may even startle you.

And it’s already there in YOU. Your mind. Your adventure. Your bigger life. It’s time to discover what you’re truly capable of.

Let's Get Started.

Mountain Top - Explore Possibilities of Conscious Leadership
Leadership Training: The Foundation
If you are ready to access the best of who and what you are, then it starts with learning the power in breathing. If you are ready to truly love yourself, live life more fully, connect with others on a deeper level, you’ll want to learn how to fully breathe. Discover the joys and benefits from conscious breathing in just 30 days.
Give yourself this gift
The highest levels of leaders are extraordinarily conscious, self-aware people. They aren’t only focused on themselves but are focused on how to support everyone, including their families, their team members, and the people they buy from and sell to. Ultimately, they are focused on lasting social and environmental change.
Step into this rare space
Once you’ve cleared out the noise and quieted your mind, continue on the journey of upgrading your brain (literally neurologically rewiring it) and create a lasting mindset that supports you in evolving into the very best version of yourself.
Discover your "Big Mind"
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