Individual Coaching

Awakening Your Imagination and Accessing Creativity

“Before you can do something that you’ve never done, you have to be able to imagine it is possible.” Jean Shinoda Bolen

What if you were granted special access to a limitless wellspring of inspired imagination?

  • What state of mind do you want to be in as you dip into that incredible source?
  • What do you wish to draw from that well
  • And what do you hope to do with that gift?

Many of the people who come to me for coaching have used their imagination to create truly wonderful lives. What they are looking for is to delve even deeper into that source of imagination and expand their creative level of awareness. They want to play bigger and want even more from life.

Some who come for coaching have gotten to a place where they no longer want to be held back by their limitations. They are ready to go beyond whatever has held them back from using their imagination to create the life they dream of. They know they are more and want to discover and express their authentic self.

Others who come have specific areas of their life they want to enhance and enjoy more fully. Some are business people who want to be more innovative and successful, teachers who want to inspire their students, or writers and artists who are ready to reach deeper within themselves and tap their creative juices.

Some of the Benefits:

  • Clarity of intention
  • Reconnect with your creative source
  • Discover your purpose and passion
  • Develop a laser focus
  • Learn to be present
  • Take effective action steps
  • Create your vision

Are you ready to be inspired and empowered to creatively express your unique self?

What others are saying:

1) “Ron is amazing. Every time I’m ready to take my writing to a new level, he’s given me the guidance and clarity to make the shift.” Dennis, L.A., CA

2) “The coaching series gave me the insights and tools I needed to approach my work — and my life — in a new and inspired way. Ron’s focus is like a laser.” Bill, Austin, TX

3) “Dr. Stotts’ big picture perspective always helps me clearly see the most supportive path from imagining exactly what I want, to creating it in my life.” Lindsey, San Francisco, CA

4) “I now understand how crucial imagination is to creating a successful business. I’m now making a lot more money, and I’m finally having fun.” Michael, Seattle, WA

5) “I’m not only enjoying great success in my writing (which is why I initially took this course), but it has also created wonderful shifts in my marriage. My 8 year old daughter even asked me the other day why I’m being a better Mommy! Tons of gratitude for your wisdom and guidance, Ron.” JoAnn, Los Angeles, CA

Coaching Options:

1) A single session is useful for exploring a specific challenge you are working with. It is also helpful as a follow-up for those I have worked with more extensively when they need to brainstorm, transcend writer’s block, or see a situation from an inspired perspective.

A single session of coaching:
50 minute session $150.

  • Contact me below and we’ll set up a call time.

2. A series of six sessions
A series can be used to move deeper into the imagination around a specific challenge or focus in your life.
The series is also often used to tap into your imagination to discover your purpose, find your passion in life, and create the success you desire.

The series of six coaching sessions: $810.
(A savings of $180.) (Must be used within 3 months):

3. The Individual Eight Week Intensive
This is a life transforming program. Many people want to change their life but not change themselves. This program is for those who clearly recognize that it is in changing them self and their unsupportive patterns and beliefs that true healing and empowerment takes place.
The cost is $4,500.

  • Contact me below and we’ll set up a call time.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation.
You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine,
and at last you create what you will.” George Bernard Shaw