Blog : Your Highest Intention As Your Guide

posted 11/07/11 by Ron Stotts

standing focus

The key to a successful life is to have a clear focus. Unfortunately with all of life’s choices and dramas that is not always easy to do. But, what if we just let ourselves be aware of and focus on our current goal for a given time in our life? That could look like being a great parent, a successful business person, to master a specific area of study life. *With that goal we would at least have a direction for our life. * We could be more present in our daily life.

As we heal and journey further along the path of Self-discovery our awareness expands to a point where we begin to recognize what our greater goal or life’s purpose truly is. Fortunately, by that this time we have also developed a great deal of gratitude for our life and have accessed an inner passion for our life’s work.

What we have defined is our Highest Intention in our life. We have defined what we want to commit our life to doing and being (How we want to serve). With this intention we have created a single pointed focus for our life that we can use just as we would use a chosen single pointed focus in meditation. *What evolves is a life of meditation. *

With a clear Highest Intention, all of our life’s decisions and choices become relatively easy, because they will all be made in relationship to what will best serve and support our Highest Intention. Everything else is just a distraction. Just as when we are distracted by thoughts, noises, pains, or … during our sitting meditation, we bring our focus back to our chosen single pointed focus. Now, whenever we become aware of being distracted (emotionally, relationally, physically, mentally, etc.), *we bring our focus back to the single pointed focus of our Highest Intention. *

Whenever we find our desires, fears, or attachments distracting us from our Intention, we just chose to return to our focus. We know where we want to get to with our life. We are passionate about our life’s purpose and chose not to let distractions keep us from our life’s work. It all gets a lot easier.

Start from wherever you are right now and define the highest intention for your life. Yes, it might change and evolve, but give yourself a direction and a focus for now. Hold your focus on that evolving intention until it matures into your true highest intention.

You will have had a much easier journey and a much more rewarding life. You will also be taking quantum leaps in consciousness as you become more present through your daily practice with a life of meditation. It works. Discover what all of the successful people in life have discovered. Be present, live you purpose, find your joy.