Blog : Your Deepest Secret

posted 10/03/11 by Ron Stotts

What is your deepest secret?
No, I mean the one that is deeper than that. I mean the one you wont even tell yourself. I mean the one that makes you feel too vulnerable and like people might not accept, understand, or
be able to respond to you in a way that might be painful.

What is your deepest truth?
Yes, and now the even deeper one that feels like it might be too much to bare if you are too aware or too often aware of it?

What is your deepest fear?
No, not that one about being vulnerable or not accepted, but the one about opening your heart fully and being fully in your power – aware, conscious, present, and being one with the consciousness of the Universe.
What if others knew that – Lions, Tigers, Bears oh my, and then some.

Your deepest desire,
Your Highest Self
Your soul, Your Light
Oh my — to be all that you are
just might be too much for others,
they might not… or they might…