Blog : Flight of Fear?

posted 09/19/11 by Ron Stotts

I shared about a hawk that my wife and I enjoyed watching as he was hovering in the same spot for a very extended period of time. A part of our fascination with his ability to ride the cliff’s updraft so effortlessly was that most of the time he was literally just holding still in one position. When there was a change in the thermals, he made only the slightest wing adjustments in response to maintain his vigil on his potential prey.

I had just spoken with a client the day before about her feelings of fear as she goes through life and how they are really limiting and even paralyzing at times. To me, fear, like everything else, is really just another form of energy. Fear is really just information that we are picking up from our senses or our broader awareness.

As she shared what her fears were, I realized they are just the normal fears we all probably have around life’s adventure. The difference was how she reacted to the energy or information that she was sensing. I could tell from what she shared that she saw “fear” as a stop sign. In other words, anytime she felt a shift in energy or some information entering her awareness that she labeled as “Fear,” she would slam on the figurative brakes of life, contracting down and withdrawing.

In admiring how the hawk maintained his position, it was impressive to see how, regardless if there was a gust or just a subtle change in the wind, he intuitively responded appropriately. If he had over-reacted, as my client did to changes in energy and information, then he would have been constantly over-correcting, or even falling to the beach below. He would have lost his focus and certainly would have returned to the nest without a meal for the little ones.

What I’m suggesting is that we redefine what fear is and learn to let our awareness of changes in energy and information be just that. Some of that information we categorize as fear requires a response, others require no action and even little attention. If you were driving down the road and slamming on the brakes every time you felt or saw something, it would be quite unpleasant and dangerous for everyone.

As we learn to be more and more present with what is in our life, we will find the journey much easier and a lot more enjoyable. Re-define “fear” as just supportive information – just energy moving in your life. Breathe and be present, so you can receive and benefit from that information. It’s part of the gifts we are being given all the time.