Blog : Finding yourself

posted 10/24/11 by Ron Stotts


The movie Finding Joe is really a movie that gives us a map of how we can discover our true Self. While much of the teaching that I hear about these days talks about some great stuff, they tend to ignore a crucial part of Self-discovery and the spiritual journey.

The cartoonist, Ashleigh Brilliant, said it so well the other day with a drawing of a woman glancing into a mirror as she is walking past. The accompanying words are simple but so very true. *“You’ll never be able to face the future, until you find the courage to face your past.” *

Yes, our thoughts create our reality, but it’s not just the thoughts that we are aware of that determine our life. It is also the other 95% of our subconscious thoughts that determine our level of consciousness, define our beliefs, and virtually run our lives.
If we haven’t “faced” and healed our past then we will find ourselves regularly sabotaging our life. We will have unconscious beliefs and limitations that diminish our level of self-esteem. We don’t fully believe in our self, so we don’t believe in the future we can create.

What happens is we have conflicting conscious and subconscious thoughts that create a tug-of-war within us and dis-empowers us from creating the life we deserve. When we find the courage to look at and heal our past, we then discover, heal, accept, and learn to love all that we are. That is where we find the unconditional Love we have always wanted. It is with this acceptance that we become whole again and are able to find ourselves being present and enjoying the life of our dreams.

Not only looking at but taking full responsibility for healing our past is the key to all aspects of the path. Trying to ignore our past and only focus on our desires divides our-self and keeps us in conflict. We need to be whole and complete to experience the joy of our journey into love and experience the peace of remembering and being all that we are.

Go in and find out that all that you seek lies within you. Go in and find out. That is the art of life.