Blog : Finding Joe

posted 10/17/11 by Ron Stotts

Joseph Campbell  cropped  1

Do you know who Joseph Campbell is? I imagine most of you do. He was an amazing guy who studied many different cultural stories and myths and showed the world the incredible similarities distant cultures, whether in time or geography, had in common. George Lucas wrote Star Wars with Joseph’s materials in mind.

Many years ago I invited him to come to speak at the college where I was teaching. I was in my late twenties and I remember picking him up at the airport and going out to a lunch that change my life. He later had the audience of teachers and students fascinated with his stories and tales of “The Hero’s Journey”.

I was fortunate enough, as co-director of the Brain Integration Center, years later to be at Esalan several times when Joseph was there. Having lunch at one of the outdoor picnic tables or walking in Big Sur, I continued to learn from this amazing teacher.

I was recently reminded of how greatly he had influenced me, when my wife and I went to see the movie Finding Joe.It is a must see for anyone on the path. It reminded me that all I really do in m*y work is help people to discover their own path, find there way back onto their path, and remind them how enjoyable the path can be.* The movie gave me the same clarity that talking with Joseph had given me so many decades ago.

I miss him, and know he is still out there discovering the myths of worlds within worlds and laughing his delightful laugh at how we are all the same. We are indeed all of one consciousness. I am so grateful that I found Joe and that he still has a place in my heart.