Blog : A Moment With Barbara DeAngelis

posted 10/10/11 by Ron Stotts

bdeangelbkchat 2005 1

How fun it is to watch the Universe play in our lives. My wife and I had dinner down at the harbor Friday evening at a restaurant we enjoy and know most of the people who work there.

After a great meal we walked out to the point where we regularly go to say our “daily gratitude”. Afterwards we walked around the boats for a while and then were heading back to the car. Just as we were nearing the back SW corner of the buildings by the fish market, a couple was walking towards us, and I thought I recognized the woman as Barbara DeAngelis.

I called her name as they passed, and there she was maybe twenty-five or thirty years from when we’d last seen each other. She’d been married to John Gray back then, and I had the privilege of getting them hooked up with some folks in Hawaii and some other nice connections.

I was very touched by her work from the first time I experienced it, as well as by her keen insight and gently supportive healing ability. She had deeply touched my heart and gave me the guidance to open up considerably. I was also so impressed with the tools and techniques they used, that I integrated many into my work over the next thirty years.

It was about halfway through the conversation with Barbara that I remembered the impact she’d had on my life and the lives of the thousands of people I’ve been honored to support on their paths. I was noticeably moved as I shared this with her. It was a very nice moment. Anyway, after I was finished, she said that she’d like to endorse my new book. Well I can’t even tell you how much that meant to me.

What really makes it such a great story though, is that all four of us were being together in full awareness that we had been brought to this very unlikely place and time just to meet again. It’s like watching a sunrise when the Universe shines so bright. While I don’t need validation of how perfect the Universe is and how “coincidence” happens, I do still enjoy watching the serendipitous unfolding. When we are saying “yes” to life and moving forward with our vision, pathways seem appear before us. I enjoy the magnificence of the big show.

So watch for coincidences and happenstance; welcome and enjoy the magic of your creation. Celebrate who you are and enjoy the unfathomable perfection of it all. Life is good. You are wonderful.