02/08/12 Turn On Your Creative Juices


I had the pleasure to be interviewed on the Radiant Living Radio Show by Tamara Gerlach. Pleaase listen to the interview below. Learn to open up your imagination so that you can access the deepest levels of creativity and bring it into everything you do. Ron Stotts will guide you through the steps to go from mindfulness to manifestation, and…

01/12/12 Source of our negative thoughts

How do we overcome negative thoughts

Law of attraction. How do we stop attracting drama and negative thoughts. Our thoughts create reality – so how do we align ourselves with a perfect universe. What is the source of our negative thoughts?…

01/05/12 Focus on your intentions

How to focus on your intentions

Focusing in your intentions and discover your highest potential. This journey is a personal grown journey. Journey well.…

12/28/11 Together we can grow

Together we can grow

Asking for support does not make you but stronger. If we work together we can only become stronger.…

11/07/11 Your Highest Intention As Your Guide

standing focus

The key to a successful life is to have a clear focus. Unfortunately with all of life’s choices and dramas that is not always easy to do. But, what if we just let ourselves be aware of and focus on our current goal for a given time in our life? That could look like being a great parent, a successful…

10/31/11 Finding Your Path

path in nature

I see so many people struggling with some aspect or another of their life. Some are focused on relationship, financial, health, spiritual, or emotional issues and thinking that that is their real problem. They want me to help them solve this or that problem, as if their life will then be on an even keel. I understand, I’ve tried that…

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