About Ron

ronstotts Ron with Jack Canfield (left).

Ron with Jack Canfield (left).

At twenty-two I was sitting in a rustic cabin on an island reading the Bible and other philosophies, looking for myself. The Marine Corp had let me see who I wasn’t, now I needed to find out who I was.** Even with my many insights and experiences growing up, it wasn’t until then that I was consciously choosing my path.

That path has taken me through in-depth studies and experiences in Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, quantum physics, and a myriad of schools of healing and personal growth. I was bathed in the light of God, dissolved in the infinite, and blah-blah-blah.

I was also gifted with studying and creating with the most amazing teachers of the times. Chatting with Buckminster Fuller as we wandered through the woods, and Joseph Campbell as we shared lunch in Big Sur. I was in the middle of the “New Age” and loving it. As I learned to quiet my mind, I also learned how to more fully tap into imagination and access creativity. This became a life long passion.

I have been a college English teacher, Co-Director of the Brain Integration Center, Executive VP of Inner Game Corp., and, for a couple of decades, the founder of The Center For Balance and the spiritual community MuShin. We had Centers in California and later in Switzerland, through which I enjoyed counseling, giving talks, and offering workshops throughout Europe.

I’ve learned that the journey is a path of discovering and accepting all aspects of oneself. With the breath as my most trusted teacher and guide, I have learned on this journey that:

By quieting our minds we become more present and in that space we can more fully access all of our innate capabilities. It is from that place that we can discover our purpose and passion to create the fulfilling life we desire.

Everything that comes to us in our life is perfectly designed to support us in opening up our hearts and loving ever more fully.

Life is a precious gift. If you live it consciously, you will find yourself on an amazingly rewarding adventure that leads you into being all the love you are, and all that you ever wanted. Life is wonderful.